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12. – 19.03.2023

Khamlia - Merzouga - Erg Chebbi - Morocco


Everything is ready for you.

You're welcome. Merhaba.

MBarak Elboukhari & Zaida Karnowski

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This goes out to everyone who loves music, makes music and wants to celebrate a wonderful festival for healing the earth with us.


MBarak is a Gnaoua musician and I am an earth guardian.

We serve with these qualities. We love the earth, which for us is a living being, a soul, a spirit.

Together with you and many people we want to give our heart and our vision to the nature and the whole universe at this very special place and time.


It is the greatest wish and vision of our life to bring together the music of the Gnaoua and the music of our friends, so that we all we can sing together in one voice, dance with our arms reaching to the sky and feel our hearts beat as one.

This is our contribution to delight the heart of Pachamama, our wonderful planet.


We have prepared the Karawanserail for you.

We have been waiting for you since the beginning of our vision: to sing and dance with you under the great firmament, under thousands of stars, around a huge fire. Until we hear the heartbeat of Pachamama and answer her with our drums.


Do you feel the breath of the sun, the sand under your feet, can you smell the desert and feel the wind on your skin? Do you hear the call ?

You are welcome, welcome. Merhaba.
MBarak Elboukhari & Zaida Karnowski


Travel details

Flights go to Errachidia via Casablanca

Arrival on March 12, 2023

Departure on March 19, 2023

For these two days we offer transfer from and to the airport.

You can find direct flights via Munich to Casablanca at Royal Air Maroc. 

Due to the current situation we suggest you to book your flights with travel cancellation insurance.

Festival & Accommodation prices



If you are concerned about your safety, please contact us.

We have information about the current situation.


More accommodation options


Hamad, the founder of the Gnaua group Bambara, has founded a Gnaua Village, which can be reached by foot from our place.

He also rents rooms. There is also the opportunity to study with him and learn more about the origin of this ancient african music.


Everything is possible, from simple to luxurious.

We are happy to make recommendations.


Here is a video straight from the Village:

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(in alphabetical order)

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African dance in fusion with classical hatha yoga - an innovative method to integrate body and mind

It combines the liberating, community-building effect of African rhythms with the consciousness-expanding, peace-building techniques of classic integral yoga according to S. Sivananda, inspirations from nature - and forms the core of integrated dance & yoga education according to M. A. Camara.

Your freelance partner for creative movement since 1990

  • Academy for Integrated Dance & Yoga Education

  • School for African dance, yoga, nature experience

  • Forum for Africa Art Communicatio

Martin-Richter-Str. 13
90489 Nürnberg



Reunite with your inner wisdom

The breath is always there, it accompanies us throughout our lives and if we consciously connect with it, it can form a bridge between inside and outside, light and heavy, gentle and intense, spirit and matter, already experienced and new. The breath or breathing has many positive effects on our physical, emotional and mental system, can make us feel more alive and change our energy and frequency.

Gabi Frosch:

Breathwork, Holistic Coaching, Quantum Healing, Intuitive Soulreading

In individual and group sessions, people often feel deeply touched, connected to their essence and potential, and experience a sense of being accepted and having arrived.


One whose songs are like good friends who support us, make us thoughtful and tease out our joie de vivre.

Nika is a mother, songwriter, singer and singing group leader, GfG birth preparer and family companion. She not only has a great voice that carries you away. She is a powerful voice in times of change. One who says yes to living with everything that is.


Free your mind & voice & movement and explore your inner depth & beauty


The intuitive music of the sound mystic Mitsch Kohn develops in the moment of playing and opens the door to levels of being beyond our mind.

Guided by the perceptive intuitive piano playing, free-flowing melo-dies and shamanic voice and drums, in this "ecstatic inner dance" ceremony you will encounter yourself deeply ...


Immersed in sound and conscious breathing, you'll slowly start to allow yourself to be your full "I AM". You feel and express your TRUE impulses, despite all the fears & beliefs that may show up. You allow yourself and the others true and free encounter. You let your body speak to you in free movements and learn to let your voice sound naturally and freely. Your inner and outer freedom and the deep feeling of "being home in your body" will bring inner and outer abundance.


  • getting aware of / letting go off controlling and destructive patterns

  • release blockages in your body

  • release self-sabotating mindsets

  • free your voice expression

  • re-connect to your essence

  • embrace life (yourself) fully

Carina Handpan.jpg


Okaya - Sound Healing & Holistic Health

Since time immemorial, through the sounds of music, African culture and the holistic approach to healing, life has always brought me to the one place where everything becomes still and one. Where the one moment is eternal. Through healing touch, handpan soundhealing and my natural healing practice, I want to share this with you. 


To conjure more and more light and freedom into people's hearts gives me deep fulfillment and humility. Through healing from the center, we can once again live a life from the inside out and thereby awaken to our full potential. Our work in the world as a community creates the foundation for a new era of time. I am grateful to be able to walk this path together with you. 


„UBUNTU - I am because we are”

(African proverb of the Xhosa)

Mobile: +41 (0)79 578 98 21



Sound and Grace - healing sound meditation

As a channel for divine energy, Susanne Schinnerl plays Tibetan singing bowls and gongs in a very special way. The high vibration that arises in the room allows hearts to open, wounds to heal and souls to shine again.

"Lord, make me an instrument of Your peace." (Saint Francis)

Susanna Schinnerl



I am a holistic sound alchemist and ectasy dj with live didgeridoo and live shamanic voice for the body, mind, and soul!

I assist people to achieve a deeper level of consciousness and perception with strengthening the self-healing powers through vibrations!


Homebase: Goethestrasse 30,
68519 Viernheim, Germany, Earth
Fon: +49 06204 3058638
Mobil: +49 1717269709


The handpan is the instrument with which Alwin lets his inner being resound.

His melodies have the potential to touch you in a healing way.

They can take you on a journey, be a portal to enter your sacred inner space. The expression of the soul through sound is for Alwin the audible work of the infinite. The sounds take you into the moment, let you feel the invisible, indescribable and unfathomable. Alwin is a metaphysical healer and combines his knowledge of spiritual healing in creating sound spaces in which his intention to manifest a world of peace and healing is the essence of his musical expression.



Experienced music 

for soulful dancers

His love for music, which leads into the depths of the soul, has always accompanied him over the past few decades. While traveling in Asia and South America as well as at festivals and ceremonies, he has experienced and collected powerful music and passes this on as DJ Vish. 



His love for music, which leads into the depths of the soul, has always accompanied him over the past few decades. While traveling in Asia and South America as well as at festivals and ceremonies, he has experienced and collected powerful music and passes this on as DJ Vish.

DJ Vish's style is characterized by mystical sounds, ecstatic rhythms and frequencies that can open hearts. Through him and with him healing musical landscapes arise. Women and men are invited to physically experience the different levels of being in dance, to experience contact alone with themselves or with others in dance. It invites you to be alive and its psychedelic-spiritual-shamanic music opens the space into this presence of the moment. When the dancer is danced through his music, his passion is fulfilled. These waves that arise can be tantric, ecstatic and mystical. He is co-founder of Spiritwave Munich and the Wild @ Heart TanzReise.


Listening to the language of the heart. She is a master at that.

As a magical storyteller, she will sit with us in the desert by the fire and exude her joy of life, regaling us with her deep stories, which she will accompany with singing bowls and her rock crystal instruments. 


She is a passionate filmmaker, comes from television and knows her way around the big stages of the world. She has narrated at firesides in Mongolia, in the mountains of the Andes, on trail rides, festivals and retreats. This generosity, this vastness, the feeling of well-being are so immediate and that is why everyone at her side is a bit happier than usual.
Her beautiful white Moroccan tent has already traveled ahead. There and under the starry sky, she will reveal to you your own personal life fairy tale.


Contact and booking: